ABM Tips

Are you constantly re-running the same reports

Did you know:-

If you leave a report displayed on your screen for some time the information that is displayed can get out of date if there are other users processing transactions in ABM. This is useful for:-

  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Just minimise the report, process journal transactions and press the refresh button to update. The refresh button can be found next to the print button on the report ribbon.

Refresh button



Customise what you see in ABM – Using Column Chooser                                                             

Users can change the columns they see in each module in ABM

  • place the mouse pointer over a column heading
  • right click, and then select column chooser.
  • you are then given a list of columns to select from on the left, highlight the line you wish to see
  • either click Add or double click on the line.
  • selected line will move to the right of the screen.  You can then use Move Up or Move Down to change the order of the columns.
  • click Ok and the new screen layout will be displayed.

The columns chosen are unique to each user.  Columns can be added or removed as often as the users wishes.  The column chooser is available on all module main screens, in transaction list screens, and also in Project invoicing screens.



“I was concerned when changing from a payroll system that I knew so well to a new one. I needn’t have worried, the team at Strategic were able to recommend, install and train me on a new system that gave me improved reporting and helped with budgets. They made it easy and hassle free. I use Strategic Software for ongoing support as what could take me 5 hours takes them 5 minutes and I am confident with the result.”

Debbie Hodges, Office Manager
E. Hayes & Sons Limited

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