Newsletter October 2014

We are moving:

We are pleased to announce that on Friday 31st October we will be moving to a new location. Our new physical address will be:

1st Floor, Hargest House,

62 Deveron St


Our postal address, telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

This is an exciting move for us. For those of you who call in; we have free parking, with carparks numbered 1-10 available for customer use.


Public holiday entitlements

When is an employee entitled to a public holiday? 

There is no minimum period of time an employee has to be employed to become entitled to a public holiday and it does not make a difference if an employee is classed as casual, part time or full time.

All employees would be entitled to be paid for a public holiday if the public holiday falls on a day that would have been an otherwise working day for the employee. This means, but for the day being a public holiday the employee would have worked on the day concerned. In other words, if it was not a public holiday, would the employee have been

working on that day? If the answer is yes, they would be entitled to have the day off on pay; if the answer is no, they are not entitled to observe the public holiday

Can an employer deduct wages or holiday pay if an employee fails to work their notice period?

If an employee resigns without giving the required amount of notice, an employer cannot make deductions or withhold their wages or holiday pay unless the employee has given their written consent.

A written employment agreement may include a clause giving the employer permission to deduct wages or holiday pay if an employee resigns without giving the required notice.

 This clause may be enforceable if:

  • the employee was given adequate opportunity to consider and seek independent advice on the terms and conditions of the employment agreement; and
  • the employee has signed the employment agreement.
  • Any subsequent deductions from wages or holiday pay in reliance on that clause must take into account:
  • the loss suffered by the employer as a result of the employee failing to work their notice period; and
  • the proportion of the notice period that the employee fails to work.


ABM Useful Tips

If you have a customer with a number of jobs you can view the status and progress of the job from within the customer. Open the customer and go to the Jobs & Recurring Invoices screen to see a summary of the jobs for this customer.  The screen will show costs, charges and Invoiced amounts to date.  The list will also include all completed and closed jobs.

You can also open the job from this screen if you need to view the job in more detail.

Standing journals

If you are processing monthly financial reports and are preparing similar month end journals, these can be set up as Standing journals in the Accounts section. There is also an option to reverse the journal in the next accounting period.

If the amounts vary each month then you edit the journal and change the amount before processing the journals at month end.





“We have used Strategic Software for many years for our Accounting Program as well as our Payroll and have found them to be extremely efficient and reliable. They have a vast knowledge of Accounting Systems and Payroll, nothing was ever a problem. Payroll was a very easy and painless task, Strategic Software took care of every aspect and the reports we received weekly were very detailed with all the information we needed. We have since changed our programs to match our Head Office, however . . . during the change over Strategic Software couldn’t have been more helpful. Their understanding of what was needed was paramount for a smooth transition.”

Owen Webb, Manager
Carpet Court, Invercargill

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