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Keeping Accurate Employee RecordsWhy is it important to keep accurate employee records?

The Employment Relations Act and the Holiday Act require employers to keep wage and time records for each employee, along with holiday and leave records.  This can be done manually or electronically.  (Remember to back up your information if it is done electronically!). They must also be kept for 7 years. Employers should also keep any requests from employees for such things as annual leave cash up or requests regarding alternative holidays. An employee’s record must be made available to your employees, if they ask to see their own file and by Labour Inspectors or Immigration Officers, if requested.  Good record-keeping helps to protect the employer:

  • In the case of a dispute and helps you to correctly calculate employees’ pay and leave entitlements.
  • It can help with performance management and reviews.

Click here to see what information must be kept.


Eric’s Excel TipOften there are cells on an Excel worksheet that you want to exclude from the printed document.   you are able to specify which cells to print by setting the area to be printed.  Set the Print Area

1.     On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to print.

2.     On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.

The print area you set is saved when the workbook is saved so there is no need to reset this when the file is reopened.

  • To add additional cells to the print area, select these cells and click on Add to Print Area option listed after clicking on Print Area.
  • To remove the print area rule, click on Print Area then click on Clear Print Area.  This will not clear the data within the print area.

Page Scaling If your worksheet wants to print over more pages than required you can specify the number of pages you want the document to print.  To do this, click on the small icon in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup group.  This will display the Page Setup page.  In the Page tab you can specify how many pages the worksheet is to print over.   Excel will scale things down so everything prints on the number of pages specified.   You can also apply page scaling when you print the document from the Print option in the File tab, or by pressing Ctrl+P.


Upcoming Public HolidaysLabour Day – Monday 26 October 2015 We will close for business on Labour Day and will be in touch with anyone with payrolls on this day.


  Comprehensive Accounting and Business Management Software  Getting more from your ABM Reporting

Drill down to get more detail while in ABM reports  

There are 2 types of drill down in the standard ABM reports –

1 – Drill down into further details in the report

For example in the aged balance listings for both customer s & suppliers you can double click on the customer or supplier name on the report and you will get a new page displaying all the outstanding transactions for that client. This page can be printed or exported.

The main report is still displayed and you can access that by clicking back on “main report” at the left of screen. If you double click on other customer or supplier names then further pages will be displayed.

All pages are closed when you exit the report.

2 – Drill back into ABM

Click on the client/supplier code (displayed in Blue) and this will open the customer or supplier account back in ABM.  You can then check or change any details in the account, close the account and return back to the report.

Drill downs may not be available in all reports. Please contact us if you would like to discuss adding drill downs to any reports.

Powerful, customisable and able to grow with you – ABM makes managing every aspect of your business a breeze. 


App feedback from SimonAn app that I use a lot is a cloud task manager called The app is compatible with most devices such as Android or Apple. allows tasks to be setup on one device which will then sync to others, and even has an online version so that it can be accessed anywhere with internet. The free version allows you to set up different groups for the tasks, set sub tasks, set reminders and even share and assign tasks with other users. This allows me to set a task any time I think about it and it will remind me at the set time on which ever device I am using. This app can be downloaded from the app store, downloaded as an app on Google Chrome or can be accessed on line via the website http:\\



“Strategic Software have provided our company with business management systems for the past 9 years. Their products and services continue to support our company and have been a major contributor to our success in the following ways;
– Strategic Software installed a business management system that accurately assists with scheduling our workflow. This is vital to our business success and client satisfaction.
– We are able to see where jobs are at any time and can review profit on all jobs.
. . . Prospect and conversion rates can be measured and followed up on.
– The system helps us plan and schedule work.
– The system is flexible and Strategic can customize reporting to meet our needs.
– In regards to payroll, we provide the hours and Strategic do the rest.
– Assists with keeping up to date with employment legislation and reducing risk.
– Strategic processing our payroll means that all employees pay details are confidential and records are accurate, avoiding disputes or disgruntled employees.
These processes allow us to concentrate on our own area of expertise in relation to staff and customer management and the very important task of continued improvement in quality production techniques.
Working with Strategic has allowed us to make continued improvements in measuring our key point indicators and time saving in gathering these KPI’s is key.
Strategic deliver a very professional, prompt and friendly service and we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Neil Lewis, Director
Lewis Windows Limited

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